Lizzy's Curious Talent

Something magical happens every time Miss Elizabeth Bennet paints or sketches an image. However, she cannot control how her talent is revealed in her art. Lizzy is determined to live as an independent lady and needs her talent to provide the income for her dream. But, she has to be so very, very careful that no one discovers her secret.

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy wants Miss Bennet, a notable artiste, to paint a portrait of his beloved sister, Georgiana, and he is willing to pay handsomely. She, however, refuses to paint adults. He does not understand her reluctance. Darcy is determined to discover whatever it is that Miss Bennet is hiding.

A Witch For Mr. Darcy

Miss Lizzy Bennet realizes one early autumn morning that a change has occurred in their Hertfordshire neighborhood. Sure knowledge—a magical gift—tells her that someone is coming. Or something? Or…both? Something sinister…something good. Which is it? Could it be Mr. Darcy, their new neighbor’s enigmatic guest? He has his own gift, one that is haunting and painful. Will she be able to help him, even though so many other events are affecting life at Longbourn House?

Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy can hardly take his gaze off of Miss Elizabeth’s charming countenance. He has heard through the servants’ grapevine that she is a witch. An honest-to-God witch, not just an herbalist. He needs a wife. He knows he does. But, will Miss Elizabeth be the best option for someone like himself? Someone troubled? He needs to find out.

Pemberley Haunted

Kitty Bennet thinks this visit to Pemberley will be filled with endless rounds of charitable appointments and lessons to ‘improve’ her character. Not so. Not so. Instead, on this visit Kitty learns that there is more than one secret and one surprise hidden within Pemberley’s walls. She does not know that on this visit she will face fears, feel terror, laugh with gusto, stand up for herself, and fall in love. This is one visit Kitty will never forget.


Julian's Chance


“I’m telling you straight out now, honey, that I’m the most selfish bastard you will ever know.” 
Gabriella is returning to Earth with a new assignment. She’s to help Julian Gath learn how to love. She’ll be reborn as a mortal and only come into the knowledge of who she is—an angel—on her twenty-fifth birthday. When she completes her mission, she will return to Heaven. That is the way of things for angels for she proved her worthiness many lifetimes before. This is Julian’s chance to prove his. 

But, the moment her eyes are open, she knows that this mission is different for her. The love she feels for this powerful, compelling man goes far beyond the charitable love she usually has for her charges. He makes her yearn for life… 

Julian Gath wants Gabriella. To him, she radiates something pure and good. He has to have her—to feel as if all that goodness is working in his favor. Something in his life has to be right and good. No matter what it takes, he will win her for his own. He will not love her, however, because love is a weak, useless emotion that does not last. She will be the one bright star shining in his shadowy world…