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Back Beyond Paranormal

The small town of Port Grange, Connecticut, has a long and comfortable history. Many of the founding families still live and prosper in this close-knit New England town. One prominent family has known such notoriety that they've come to be known simply as The Family. For centuries it’s been no secret that there is something peculiar about the women in The Family. Some of them have talents that occasionally make them targets of the mysterious, the ghost-like,  the odd and the downright bizarre. These women also attract strong, sexy men who are willing to stand up to the sinister forces in their lives, displaying courage in the face of the unknown. When they struggle to resolve the shadowy forces at work in their lives, their caution is to be careful and to always, always look behind you.

*Note, Searching for Darcy, a Pride and Prejudice variation also loosely belongs in this series. Just for fun!
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 Dance With Me / Come Dance With Me
Note: This title has changed from Come Dance With Me to Dance With Me

Suzy Wanamaker—the current archivist for The Family—is fascinated by the new owner of Port Grange’s General Store. He’s tall, dark and oh, so handsome. His obvious concern for his lovely, troubled teenage daughter only increases Jared’s appeal for nothing is more important than family. Combine that sensitivity with a love of dancing, easy humour, and a smile that makes her heart do flip flops in her chest and Suzy quickly finds herself smitten.

Jared Owens doesn’t know quite how to take the quirky woman who feels so amazing in his arms when they dance. Everyone says the women in The Family are strange but there’s something so engaging in Suzy's pert laughter, twinkling eyes and odd behavior. Maybe she can help him figure out what is causing his daughter’s nightmares. Something frightening is at work in their lives and Suzy may be just the key to discovering what it is.

Watch Your Step


As an international consultant who can “look” back in time, Vie is tough, a little scary and fiercely loyal to the people she loves. She needs a partner who can guide her and protect her when she uses her talent. She is looking for someone courageous, trustworthy and who isn't afraid of a little adventure. What she finds is a man who has no problem keeping up with her unusual life and her passionate nature.


Beckley is turning away from his safe, boring life as a librarian. Despite the strangest interview of his life, he is jumping into a new job he doesn't even fully understand. He's determined to change his stodgy ways and Violet Tine is a far cry from anyone he has ever experienced. His own unusual talent shows him there is more to Vie than meets the eye. In the face of warnings that she can be difficult, Beckley believes she might be exactly what he is looking for.


Together, they dive into a thrilling adventure that threatens everything they hold dear—their families, their friends, even their sanity.

Remember to Breath

Delphinia has been avoiding going home for a long time. Port Grange,

Connecticut, seems like a lifetime ago. The ancestral home of The Family is there. It’s the place where her soul is tethered. However, something has changed—something astounding—and she’s going to need help with it and help lives back home. He’s well over six feet tall, lean, and more handsome than ever. Will he help her? She thinks so. She hopes so. She longs so.
Sam can hardly catch his breath. Delphinia is coming home! He wants to do a jig and shout for joy but it has been so long. Has modeling changed her or is she still his Delph? He doesn't know if he will get the chance to find out. He doesn't know if his heart can take it. For now he just needs to remember to breathe.
What he also doesn’t know is that Delph is bringing home an extraordinary problem—one she hopes he will help her with. If Sam only knew...he’d be dancing that jig for everyone to see.

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