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Christmas Cracker

The Christmas Cracker

Sally is a teacher living in Southern Alberta. She opens a cracker after midnight on Christmas Eve, not realizing there’s something extraordinary about the beautiful bauble. The next morning, she awakens to find herself over a hundred years in the past—in 1899! Everyone in the small town believes her to be the new schoolteacher—and her contract with the town promises to provide a husband! How can she possibly choose a complete stranger to marry?

Everyone knows that Jed, half French Canadian and half Kainai Indian, isn’t looking for a wife. But when he and Sally are thrown together, she soon realizes there is only one possible choice—in spite of what Jed or the townsfolk might expect.

A Viking Christmas

This Christmas is going to be quiet and uneventful, Liam O’Brien thinks as he traipses through the New Brunswick wilderness. He has only one thing to do this Christmas Eve. At midnight he has to pull the two snap ends of a Christmas cracker. He’ll sit under the stars, in front of a crackling fire, and see what the batty old Aunty has used to stuff the cracker. That is about as exciting as he expects it to be. Man, is he ever wrong!


This book is a compilation of both of my Christmas Crackers books. A deal! Everyone loves a deal! 

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