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Escape Through Time

       There comes a point in some people’s lives when they reach the end of their options. They already tied a knot in the end of their ropes and held on for dear life. The knot is unravelling and their rope is fraying. Crocodiles are snapping at their heels and someone is untying their rope from its support. They can no longer move forward with their lives. Now it is time for them to move backwards—backwards to a time of their choosing where they can take control of their lives once more. Ilene Sagan is one of these people.

​       Upon understanding that all time at any given spot has always existed on that spot, she posits that time is like a ribbon on which the history of a single spot is written. She discovers, and learns to control, the mathematical equation that bends these time ribbons back upon themselves, thus allowing individuals to cross time. She encapsulates this concept into a small, hand-held device no larger than a cellular phone. However, her government refuses to permit its use, believing erroneously that the past can be altered. Before the device and her research can be taken from her, Ilene uses the Time-Crossing-Device, or TCD, to open a link to the past of her choosing. She escapes through time and crosses into our present.

          Realizing that for their own reasons others may want to travel into the past, Ilene offers to help them escape for a fee. Her intention is to give others the same opportunity she took. Ilene proffers advice and recommendations but it is not in her nature to interfere in the agency of others.

          These are their choices.

          Their motives.

​          Their lives.

​Timeless Knights


Megan Smithe, a talented socialite, is driven to escape the dangers her affluence brings and discovers a method to send herself back in time. Believing she's safely left her dear friend Sarah in the twenty-first century, and armed with information discovered from Lady Meg Paxton’s antique diary, she dons the prickly mantle of the dead Lady Meg, who could be her double.

Unfortunately, the dangers that haunted her also existed for Meg, who was murdered. Megan trades the constant harassment from kidnappers in the twenty-first century for a dangerous battle for her life in the age of chivalry. After everything she's gone through to establish herself in 1102 there is no way she's going to let someone kill her "again".


Unwilling to be left behind, gentle Sarah secretly follows Megan across time. Prepared to risk everything, she is determined to help her childhood friend in any way possible. However, despite the difficulties of this new life Sarah discovers her own hidden strengths.

In the twelfth century, Megan and Sarah both marry knights who are willing to die to protect what belongs to them. Two romances, one sweet, one tempestuous, combine together for the duration of all existence—past, present, and future.

Cover of Her Place In Time

​               Her Place In Time

The Norse lands has never known a partnership as powerful or as full of love as that of Baldur and Freya…

Freya-the present.

After a mission goes south and after months of rehabilitation, Freya Jonslag decides that retiring is her only option. She won’t go into the field again. There is a problem—operatives can’t just retire from this particular black ops organization—at least, not alive. Thanks to her training, Freya has unique skills and knows how to take care of herself, but even she can't find a way out this time.

When a trusted associate gives her a torn piece of newspaper that contains an advertisement for time travel, she knows immediately when and where she would travel—the time of the Vikings. If this opportunity to journey to the land of her ancestors is authentic she may have discovered the only way she can escape.

Baldur-800 A.D.

While defending his blind twin brother against a band of brigands, the Skjvelund Chieftain is aided by a woman—a Valkyrie with incredible skills. Baldur longs to have this warrior woman at his side—defending his home, protecting his family, and warming his bed. Will he be able to earn her trust and her loyalty?  Baldur senses a dark secret that haunts her nights and rules her actions. He must help her resolve this mysterious threat before she can be free to live again and love him in the fabulous land of the Vikings.

Time for Magic


The present…. Nia Campbell is running out of magic and that means she is running out of time. The magical energies that exist in our present will not sustain Nia for much longer. If she does not find a way to return to a time when magic existed in abundance on the earth, her fate is sealed. She must escape...escape through time. Nia isn’t going alone, though. She’s taking her pets, her livestock, and her castle. When will she arrive? She has no idea. The woman sending her across time has no idea. This leap of faith will either be her doom or her salvation…. 


Sometime on the other side of time…. Torin the Wanderer experiences such longing for the strange witch who has arrived from out of nowhere that he almost turns the other way when he sees her. But her effect on him is too great to ignore. And when they kiss…well, only his personal demons can drag him from her side. Pixies and dryads and trolls…oh my…. 


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