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Winsome Regency Romances

                                   Winsome Regency Romances
Regency England: a time blessed with elegance, frivolity, passion and expectation. Winsome Regency Romances capture the flavor of the times with charming heroes and engaging, captivating heroines on the hunt for love and passion—sometimes at home and sometimes far across the globe. Come with us and enter the scintillating world of balls, country estates, mysterious moors and tiny pockets of enchantment dotted here and there about the realm. Be delighted.

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The Black Duke

…A Regency in the Classic Style…though a smidgen more risqué than Georgette Heyer had in mind… 
When would my lord Raven Caxton, the Duke of Lipton, ever marry? The woman would have to be perfect because nothing less would do for him. Lady Kathryn Leakesly, his godfather’s widow, certainly wouldn’t do. She had hoydenish tendencies and could fence as well as most men. And that red hair! If only he could stop thinking about her. She is not perfect, he told himself. Over and over again.

The Melancholy Marquess


Lord Exley has no idea he is called the ‘Melancholy Marquess’ behind his back. What does he care what the gossip mongers say when he enters a room? His greatest concern is finding just the right wife—one who will meet his exacting list of requirements. He does not need to love her—in point of fact, loving her could prove problematic. Secrecy is absolutely paramount for there is much he must ask and much he must conceal. His choice seems perfect…and then he looks into her lovely American whiskey-brown eyes and is lost. Reeling from this unanticipated sensation, he pays no heed to the danger his choice will bring. From the first exchanged glances, he knows he has to have her. She is the one.


Clarissa’s marrying the man of her dreams. But something is not quite right here at the edge of the wilds of Dartmoor. There are sounds in the night she’s driven to investigate. Is that wailing only the wind? And where does her husband go when he leaves their bed in the middle of the night? What causes the pinch of sadness she catches in his expression? What secrets haunt him? She must discover the truth—for all their sake.

That Wicked Earl


Revenge burns in the chest of James Pearlington, Earl of Strathmoor. His only thoughts are how to punish the three men responsible for his forced ocean voyage. Not for nothing is he called that Wicked Earl! Before he can put any of his plans in motion, however, a bewitching distraction enters his life in the form of an Otaheitan princess. One night with her and his thoughts and hands are much too full for plans of revenge.

When Princess Phillipah arrives in London, she discovers it is a colder place than she ever imagined. She has never worn more clothes in her life and there are such strange rules and customs. (Why can she not kiss the butler if she wishes?) Can she warm the heart of England and convince the ton that the Wicked Earl has been tamed at last? Will the culture clash tear them apart, or can Phillipah and James find true love amidst all the odds stacked them?

The Villagers' Conspiracy

Some of the villagers of Hinderwell, North Yorkshire have had enough. It was past time, they thought, for Thaddeus Milborough, the youngest son of an Earl, who has lived quietly in Hinderwell for a number of years, to make an honest woman of his next door neighbor. Marriage will dissolve the stigma marring Miss Amelia Horton’s life, but the villagers know that without their help, the shamed miss and the quiet gentleman might never take the chance that love is right next door. 


Off the coast of the New World lies an island where a beautiful untamed woman lives wild and free. What she fears is discovery by her tyrannical grandfather who will use her for his own ends. But what she truly craves is an end to the loneliness and the hiding. When a sailor washes up onto her island she realizes how isolated she has been as she learns the ways of being a woman in this brave, handsome captain’s arms.

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